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100% safe payment without fee

We have made payment safe and simple for our customers.

Safe Payment

We have chosen payment solutions based on Paypal and Paylike. This gives you a very high degree of safety.
When you go to pay, opens a window where you enter your card number etc. This window is protected with the best encryption methods (SSL / TLS) and it is not possible for anyone to view or change your card details (not even us). The amount you authorize can not be viewed or changed by anyone.
You may read more about Paypal's buyer protection.
It is proven solutions used by many shops in Denmark and elsewhere.
When we ship the goods (and not before), we initiate transfer of the amount and it is ensured that we can never receive larger amount than what you approved.
We also have the opportunity to repay the amount in full or in part to your card (in case you return the goods).

Other Payment Options

Bank Transfer we recommend to use if you do not have a card. So, you transfer the amount by going into your online banking (or you go physically to your bank and ask for the transfer). This is also a very safe method of payment, but it gives a bit of delay in delivery, as we have to wait for the amount to show on our account.

No Fees

You never pay a card fee.

Other Terms and Conditions

Read about our general terms and conditions.